R.X. Bertoldi is an award-winning singer-songwriter from the Seattle area. The original acoustic version of his “Black Coffee in the Mornin'” was in rotation on Sirius satellite radio’s Coffeehouse program for over four years running, and his cover of the Faces’ “Ooh La La” was spun for over two years in their Covers program.

His two most recent albums benefit from the expert production and musical skills of Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, Posies, Neko Case, et al) and several other top Seattle players, resulting in some of the strongest and most radio-friendly music he’s made to date. His new LP finds his songwriting in top form and even includes a fresh full-band rendition of his song “Black Coffee in the Mornin'”.

Bertoldi is a reflective songwriter who often looks head-on at the grittier side of life, but also at some its greatest joys. He has a good command of the language and his lyrics are descriptive and compelling. He uses that strength along with a keen eye for observing society’s struggles and a percussive guitar style to craft songs that are both “catchy and meaningful” as one reviewer put it.

R.X. Bertoldi did not start taking the guitar and singing seriously or writing songs, until in his early thirties. It turns out that that was probably a good thing, as he had done some living by that time, made plenty of mistakes in trying to form his own thoughts, and wound up with sharper observation skills and some stories to tell. His ability to share such thoughts and stories seems to improve with time.

And as luck would have it, in recent years, Bertoldi has started working in the studio with the tremendously talented Mr. Sangster and a group of excellent Seattle musicians to help him deliver the goods, which is a definite win, win–for him and his listeners.

SOURCE: Official Bio