Radio Kartel is a three-piece Original Alternative Rock power trio band from San Pedro & Lakewood, California. With power driving drums, pushed by a monster of pulsating bass and covered with a sonic wall of guitars that can go from heavy, grunge settling rock to blitzkrieg power punk to melodies that can move the soul.

Started back in 2013, the band consists of Johnny Aralica Guitar & Vocals, Ray Solorio Bass & Vocals & Jerry Trebotic Drums. The band has over 20 original songs and in October 2016 released a self-titled debut album with 14 tracks recorded in their own studio available at or at iTunes. Album is also available at SPOTIFY. The band will be back in the studio this summer after Jerry returns from tour with Mike Watt to record a follow up to their debut. The band is looking for bookings around Southern California.

Johnny and Jerry met back in 1988 in a Recycler ad in their teens and together have been in bands like Greenhouse, Seven Poisons and CroTech. Ray and Johnny met back in 2006 when an impromptu jam at a Johnny Angry rehearsal got Ray in the band the next day. Besides playing in Johnny Angry, Ray has also been in LA Eyez and the metal band Scarred. Johnny has also been in 22 Minutes, Under The God (with Vincent Rocco & Tommy “T-Bone” Carradonna of Alice Cooper/White Lion) & Johnny Angry (later The Angry after Ray joined Scarred). Jerry has also been in a number of bands like Joy Ride, Vitamin L, Evenrude and is currently the drummer for Mike Watt & The Secondmen. Just take a listen, because ROCK AIN’T DEAD!

SOURCE: Official Bio