RadioDrone hails from Orange Country California created in the 1st quarter of 2014, RadioDrone is part schizoid Five Finger Death Punch on the heavy edge, part Foo Fighters rock with the commercial aspects and part hard grooves(Nu-Metal); RadioDrone seamlessly barrels from churning head banging riffs to skyscraping chorus’ and back again with smooth radio made transitions and underground power. They are equally able to dial down their bluster into deft moments of crystalline beauty when the mood takes them there.

RadioDrone has released 2 songs that are equal to the best top radio singles, “Want it Back” and “NeverLution”. Both songs are a gut-punching blend made all the more powerful by a keen lyrical sophistication and philosophical undertone which separates them out from their contemporaries with an Americana back bone and a rebellious big government undertone.



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