91045-GroupColorsRavage Rose is a Scandinavian Rock band which is based in Trondheim, Norway.

The band was started in the Spring of 2013, by songwriter Halvor «Lucky» Lökketangen. Most of the members are from the Trondheim area, except for band leader «Lucky», who moved in from the South a few years earlier.

Since the startup, the band has focused most of their energy on writing new songs. Nevertheless, during the past 18 months, they’ve managed to do more than 40 live shows, though mostly in and around the Trondheim area.

In April, 2014, Ravage Rose released their first out of three singles that year.

Some well conducted campaigns with these first releases gave the band considerable attention locally, and also generated numerous gigs, including a few nice support spots in Trondheim.

The bands musical influences ranges from classic pop to modern rock, as well as some 80’s heavy metal.

But the core of the music is melodic rock, that revolves around the soulful and crystal clear vocals of Miriam Labreche.

Ravage Rose is a brilliant live act, with a classic five member rock band line-up. Despite the modern hard rock sound, there’s also room for both piano and acoustic guitars when the band enters the stage.

We’re not so concerned with music style and genre», Lucky says. «When we’re on stage, it’s first of all about recreating some of the magic from the songwriting process as well as the energy from the rehearsal space. It’s all about the natural dynamics of each song».

Ravage Rose’s fourth single was released on May 23. This is the first out of three single-releases planned for 2015.

The new song “Fighting Fire With Fire”, is an up-tempo vocal based love song with all the elements you’d expect from Ravage Rose.

The song is also a little bit faster and a bit heavier compared to the band’s previous release «Lovers & Losers» from October, 2014.

The song was recorded and mixed locally in Skarp studio, Trondheim, with producer Jon Tore Dombu. The track was mastered at Sterling Sound Studios, NY, by Joe Laporta.