1. Gets Me the Most René Miller 3:07

It sounds like a made-up story what René Miller achieved in only 1.5 years since he moved to Berlin to make music full-time, and is not even 4 months since he released his first own single:

  • More than 35 million streams (with DJ Mike Perry and TOPIC featuring 120.000 Streams per months with his own releases on Spotify only (first own release as artist René Miller Oct. 2019)
  • Almost 43.000 monthly listeners on Spotify
  • “Silence” (last release of Jan. 31st) was added to the “New Music Daily” Apple Music Playlist
  • More than 93.000 plays of René’s songs on Apple Music since Oct. 2019
  • The music video of his latest release “Silence” has more than 400.000 views on Youtube in only 2 weeks and entered the iTunes charts top 100 and at one point top 20 in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Currently moving up again.
  • Discovery of the week (Entdeckung der Woche) on Amazon Music
  • “All for you” Pyke & Muñoz (374.000 monthly listeners on Spotify) feat. René Miller released on Jan. 10th is currently played on German radio stations (also on the biggest one: SWR3), which means that René’s name AND voice finally entered German radio
  • “Breaking me” by Topic (co-written by René Miller) is going through the roof currently: Dance Chart No.1, Official German Radio Charts No. 19, Shazam No. 29 worldwide
  • More and more Major Labels are contacting the management showing interest in René Miller (Starwatch, Sony Music, Warner Music, etc.)
  • René Miller got invited by Sat Bisla to play a showcase in front of Music Executives in Los Angeles on March 22nd at MUSEXPO

About René Miller’s next release:

“Gets me the most” is co-written and produced by and a featuring with the very successful producer/songwriter-duo Pyke & Muñoz from Hamburg, Germany. Their recent single “in this together” with Emily Roberts is the current theme song of the German version of Jungle Camp. Their most successful work though most people don’t know: they are the songwriting/production team of incredibly successful German artists Michael Schulte and Adel Tawil among many others.

“Gets me the most” is about the end of a relationship and the difficulty to get over it. Because everything around you reminds you of your ex. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all?

About the music label and management company behind René Miller:

Dreamstart Music & Management is an independent music label and management company from Stuttgart Germany, owned by former Senior Vice President of TeamViewer AG, Manfred Müller. He was part of the incredible success story of the now world-market-leader in remote control and connectivity. The IPO in September 2019 with a valuation of more than 6 billion Euros was Europes biggest IPO in 2019 and the most successful in Germany in more than 10 years. Having financial freedom, Manfred Müller is turning his side-kick into his main project, focusing now on building up new music talents. The company’s goal is to prove that with an eye for talent, a long-term strategy and the right partners it is possible to create worldwide successful artists “Made in Germany” independently.

SOURCE: Official Bio