Rian Music is an Independent group of Artists who are writing and producing original music filled with driving beats and powerful lyrics. Originally from Ireland and now based in San Francisco’s Bay Area Rian Music is fronted by Rian Mac, vocalist, songwriter, and producer, who creates powerful hook-driven music and radio-friendly songs bringing his unique style and tones to his craft.

Produced & Mixed/Mastered by Grammy Nominated Producer James Gardiner from Pajama Recording Studios, Oakland, Ca. who brings his many years of experience to the table and producing solid sessions with great songs. James also performs multiple instruments throughout these recordings ( Keyboards, strings, Brass, Bass, just to name a few).

On guitar is Victor Campos from the EastBay. All-round great guitar player, Vic blends many styles effortlessly. From his acoustic picking to his driving riffs Victor rocks!

SOURCE: Official Bio