99547-River_OaksWith the release of the Indiana album, River Oaks bring a new feel to a clashing of the classic genres. Lush with high energy vocal hooks, powerful pop rhythms, and an alternative rock edge, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems. Although the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds it all together much like a concept album would. Most importantly, the record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single, “Hey, Hey, Hey”, is an instant radio classic. Complete with a fun and edgy attitude, catchy choruses, and an all around addicting rhythm, the songs seems to build and breathe as it plays on.

“The single is essentially about getting your heart ripped out of your chest then getting it sewed back in. It is very upbeat and dance-able with horns. It’s light, airy, catchy and dark”, explains songwriter Ben Mollin of his single.

Although the single does speak volumes for the record, to get a real understanding of where River oaks are coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.

“We took a long hiatus which I think created the want and need which I believe takes you to the next level. The sound is very unique as it reminds you of a lot of different influences but the vocals and arrangements make it extremely unique”, says Mollins of the EP and songwriting approach.

Starting originally as a home recording project in early 2001, songwriters Ben Mollin and Michael Balsie put their heads together to write plenty of material on their own until realizing they wanted to expand the project. In late 2004 the duo joined forces with music guru Danny Giorgi and drummers who were available and quickly went from a home recording band to an improve recording studio band. This, of course, opened up to new sounds and songwriting styles all around. With a little touring in between songwriting, the band always kept their focus on recording new material. River Oaks now has over 50 songs released with the latest “Hey, Hey, Hey” single hitting the peak of a new sound for them.

The band already has a cult following that’s always growing and is already putting together new material for an upcoming release.

The Indiana album is now available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and possibilities for live shows are in talks for later this year.

To learn and hear more of River Oaks and the Indiana album, please visit: https://riveroaks.bandcamp.com/

SOURCE: Official Bio