79025-Robin's_MossmanSince 2008, the acoustic, contemporary folk musicians Robin Roberts and Billie Preston have been performing steadily at a variety of venues in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding regional area. They are always on the lookout for fun and interesting places to bring their renditions of folk, blues, and bluegrass tunes.

In January of 2010 they released their first CD, Pay-Day Motors with fifteen original songs written by Robin that includes the fiddle playing of Kansas Music Hall of Fame inductee Scott Piper and harmonica by Kirk Sorensen, both of Wichita. The CD has put their music in the hands of hundreds, and opened many doors for them as performing musicians.

Their new release, Bazaar Cemetery – LIVE from The Underground is a recording of a concert they played on November 9, 2013, which is also the anniversary of the fall of The Berlin Wall, an event which Robin’s first track addresses. Bazaar, KS has been inspirational in Robin’s writing, and their time traveling in the Flint Hills of Kansas has brought them closer to their roots and the people there.

Robin is a singer/songwriter, guitar and banjo player from Norwich, Kansas. You may know him from the 70s band Prairie Fire, or from the Singer/Songwriter Circle and Open Mic Night at The Artichoke Sandwich Bar, or from Grandma’s Farm on Tyler Road, or from Stage 5 at Winfield… he has been writing songs and playing for decades.

Billie Preston is a folk singer from Wichita who brings beautiful vocal harmony and finger picking guitar to the duo. Billie is a voice, guitar, and piano teacher, choral conductor, and manager for the group. She is an entertaining performer whose vocals bring depth of emotion and feeling to the wonderful lyrics of their songs.

SOURCE: Official Bio