92370-Robyn_Cage_avatarTranscendent alternative-pop artist Robyn Cage’s story begins with her birth in the mystical land of the Utah desert, and it profoundly restarts with a rebirth in that same terrain. Her unique path has led her from a life as an acclaimed actress in New York, to reawakening as a singer-songwriter with an entrancingly emotive artistic sensibility. Her stunning debut album was produced by Grammy-nominee Dan Burns (Michelle Branch, Lenka, Racheal Yamagata), and, befitting her of journey, she calls it Born In The Desert.

The majestically expressive Born In The Desert sweeps the listener away to those vast and mysterious desert lands of her birth and rebirth with the ethereal chiming pop of the opening track, “The Arsonist & The Thief.” Highlights along the way include the hauntingly beautiful “Burning Now”; the exquisitely textured pop of the title track; and the courageous vulnerability and darkly cathartic pop hooks of “Larger Than Life.” The album concludes with the saloon ragtime piano pop of the showstopper “Theatre Noir.” These featured tracks have been brought to life with mesmerizing and emotionally charged videos. The album, along with the videos and Robyn’s story, delivers an indelible message: Embrace your uniqueness, and love that what makes you different.

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