92291-Rock_AllianceSongwriter Stewart Sutherland is the main person behind Rock Alliance, a company that features many gifted Artists on the tracks that are released. The track titled “Rock and Roll Resurrection” features the most gifted Artists we have worked with to date such as Drummer Chris Sutherland whos main gig was drumming for Kim Mitchell and also formerly of The Road Hammers.

On vocals we have Eric Langlois a professional by far who fronts the Canadian group called Lift. His powerful vocals constanly tearing up this track sounds sweet to the ears. The guitar work was performed by Canadian Marco Bresette, a true powerhouse that doesn’t stop and you can tell he’s on top of his game. Finally we have Bassist Stewart Sutherland formerly of Canadian group Black Stone to bring the low end..

The song was written by Stewart Sutherland and Eric Langlois. Recorded/Mixed at Jukasa Studios by Darren Magierowski assisted by Jill Zimmerman. Mastered by Joao Carvalho. Released July 07-2015

SOURCE: Official Bio