1. One in the Same Ronin 7:11

Tired of hearing, “Rock is dead bro”? Well, so are Ronin! Like so many others who pine for the sounds of bands like Metallica and Alice in Chains, Ronin crave the sensation and visceral experience that accompanies listening to just good old, hard-hitting, no-nonsense Rock and Roll! No need for pomp and circumstance! Throw out the smoke and mirrors! Ronin play what they want, how they want and without any unnecessary embellishment or apologies.

In the grand scheme of things, that has always been the mission of the New York foursome that makes up Ronin. Chris Feldmann (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Jack Mauro(Lead Guitar), Andrew Vitale (Bass Guitar), and Justin Maas (Drums) all grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, a time where Rock music was everywhere! They’ve grown tired of the soft and weak, pop-infused rock that floods the airwaves, veiling itself under the guise of rock music. Ronin have made it their life goal to rock it back to the days when the genre charged ahead of the crowd with full throttle adrenaline. So, enough moping around, yearning for “what was.” It’s time to get your asses in gear and focus on “what will be.” The Rock Revolution has begun, and Ronin are sounding the charge! Ronin are here to throw down, have a good time, and rock – don’t you fucking forget it!

SOURCE: Official Bio