Born in Eastern Europe, Alex Yaker spent a lot of his time in Birmingham, Alabama where his musical career began as a keyboard player. Having performed and/or collaborated with songwriters like Duquette Johnston (Verbena, Cutgrass), Bo Butler (the Saturdays), the Silos (NYC), as well as recorded and toured with John P. Strohm (Blake Babies, the Lemonheads, Antenna), his musical horizons grew quickly.

In 2003, Yaker relocated to Philadelphia PA and began integrating into the local scene, playing keyboards, guitar and bass with a one-time successful Philadelphia band, the Northern Hues. After its demise, he joined and soon toured with Philadelphia’s Power-Pop band Grammar Debate! and soon began writing a collection of songs that were later organized under the name Roomtone.

The multi-instrumentalist and his band have recorded and released several EP’s and full length albums since 2007. The “Thousand Watt EP” is a testament to where Yaker, the projects brainchild, is at with his sound right now.

SOURCE: Official Bio