1. India Holding Sandi Siegel 5:02

Sandi Siegel blends her love of guitar and piano with meaningful lyrics that tell stories of archetypal human experiences. While her most loved bands come from the Prog-Rock era, her songwriting takes influences from folk, blues and what she has called “melancholy contemporary”. After many years as a student and teacher of Vedic chant and yoga music, she expands her repertoire in an eclectic collection on the upcoming sophomore CD “Dizzying Rain” where poetry and philosophy from studies in Hindu mythology and Native American dream work are woven into to haunting melodies. Love songs and stories from daily life come to life as well.

“Dizzying Rain,” the first of her albums in her latest style, will be followed in 2019 by an album of Vedic chant inspired by years of studies in Hindu mythology and its application to our lives today. Between playing out around the western US, you may find her teaching yoga teacher training in Breckenridge and on the fashion runway in Denver and beyond. Sandi’s love of fashion has been a lifelong passion. She most recently has been loving her work in the Denver fashion world as a signed model with Goldie Mae and Lincoln Talent and hopes to keep showing the world that we can be full of grace as we age and that the world is in need of communities of all ages and diversity coming together to create and inspire one another.

SOURCE: Official Bio