I initially signed up for ballet at the age of six. I was mesmerized by the promise of a light blue tutu that would be mine to wear in a “show” at the end of a series of lessons. I did love that tutu, but it wouldn’t be until I was a teenager that the “dance thing” would inspire me onto a greater path.

Instead, at the time, I was deep into ice-skating every day. Even now, the smell of an ice rink still floods my mind with vivid memories of practicing jumps and spins over and over again. Through skating, l was taken back to the dance via a class I took at the rink. This time, I fell in love with dancing, I dropped the skates and began to dance full-time in New York City.

In New York, I found my most authentic “self.” I discovered the freedom to be the artist that I was meant to be. For years, I traveled hours every day, riding my bike to a train, then a train to a bus, and finally a bus to various studios all over NYC. I did this to be near my “tribe” of like-hearted souls which I so desperately needed to be around.

At the age of sixteen, I was cast at an open audition for a Dr. Pepper commercial. Soon after, I signed with Landslide Management in New York and began working professionally in commercials, film, television, video productions, etc. One day, l was sent on a casting for the number one Italian TV show, “Al Paradise.” After multiple auditions for the renowned Italian director Antonello Falqui, I was invited to go to Italy. I remember being afraid and not wanting to go, but I knew somehow it was my destiny and that Sara CarlsonI had to. I lived in Italy for about six years which stretched out over a decade. During this time, I sang, danced and performed on five other prime time Italian TV shows.

I signed my first recording contract with Cinevox Records, which awakened me to my passion and calling for singing and songwriting. I co-wrote and recorded the theme song “Celebration” for “The Eurovision Song Contest.” Also, I recorded a single with the group The Manic MC’s called “Mental” (BMG/England). The song peaked at number one on the UK Dance Charts. At this time, I also co-wrote and recorded my first album entitled “She” via Baby Records/Polygram.

After being in Europe for so long, I missed New York City and all its colorful atmosphere, so I came back. I performed regularly with my band in the downtown music scene at clubs like CBGB’s, The Bitter End, and The Living Room. At many of my gigs, I sat on a stool and sang in overalls. I dove deeper into Sara Carlson’s Heartdancemy writing and singing, almost abandoning my “dancer self.” I needed to strip away the spandex, sequins and high heels for jeans and bare feet.

I wanted to honor what was coming through me. I wrote and recorded my second album “Doorways” during this time. Soon after, a new fusion of music and dance began to form inside of me. The music is always a dance, and the dance is always music! For many years now, I have been profoundly immersed in the magical world of writing, playing and recording music. This journey of a lifetime has brought me to my latest album “Heartdance”. It’s all a dance, and that is what stirs my soul!

Peace & Love,

SOURCE: Official Bio