Sometimes a new voice comes along with a positively critical message. And when that message resonates with an audience that has unconsciously been craving it for long, the reach is inevitably wider than mainstream media is ready to accept.

Sa’ra Charismata is without a doubt such a voice. Her debut single “Gold Digga”, a poignant attack on the world order today, merges a sultry delivery with a hard hitting political message as she personally challenges a dangerous status quo, not only in the world of music, but across most spectra of society.

Sa’ra explains, “We have lost touch of who we are at our spiritual core and suffer as we continue to define others and ourselves by material possessions and status, a disease firmly embedded into our social structures.”

Sa’ra Charismata, a musical muse born to Eritrean parents, raised in Stockholm, Sweden and most recently residing in New York City, writes and co-produces all of her own material. In her process, she seems driven by forces described by herself as beyond her own. Some would call energies of this nature otherworldly. Sa’ra possesses that uncanny knack for drawing in a listener with triumphantly beautiful melodies and trippy beats whilst cleverly addressing the critical questions of our generation.

Welcome to explore the world as seen through the eyes of Sa’ra Charismata.