Sa'ra Charismata
Sa’ra Charismata

The 60s and 70s in Europe and even more so in the USA were a time of protest, of songs that not only had a strong message, but whose influence came to embody the countercultural voices of their generation. Orator-artiste Sa’ra Charismata, is the quintessential revival of the modern protest song in pop and alternative music. Sa’ra Charismata is proving that she is not afraid to sing truth to power and she is acutely aware that cultural change must necessarily precede political change.

Her story begins as her parents fled the raging conflict in 1970s Eritrea in the horn of Africa, finding sanctuary in Sweden where she was raised. Growing up across three continents, Sa’ra Charismata has devoted her adolescent years influencing challenging issues pertaining to racial, economic and gender inequalities through music and field activism, primarily in the U.S.

She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and Stockholm where she is wrapping up production of her yet untitled debut EP due for release later this spring. Drawing on the internet love for the debut single “Gold Digga” in which she cleverly took aim at cultural greed and materialism, the new material promises to take on a host of pressing issues facing a youth trying to make sense of a seriously fractured society and daily struggles therein.

Sa’ra Charismata’s new single “Sheep (Let Me Go)” a new Balls N Dress release , is a call for collective reflection in the wake of national and global tragedies, with the insight that peace and equality can only be truly attained when those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who bear the brunt of social injustices. The new single confronts systemic violence and quite bluntly states:

“War is a business, we’re funding corporate interests.”

About Balls ‘N Dress:
Based in Stockholm, Balls ‘N Dress is an independent label established to serve as a creative base for singer/songwriter Sa’ra Charismata. In 2015 Balls N Dress will also invite creatives from other disciplines to collaborate on projects aiming to raise global awareness in the coming generations.