94218-recording_session_2015Sarah MacFaith is a 15-year-old singer/songwriter. As she was bullied because of her singing voice, she decided to release a single (written by her Dad in 1996).

So all the Students stopped their attacks and liked her songs. She is the oldest child out of five siblings. The Kids are living with their Dad as their Mom decided to leave the Family in 2013 after she was reported to the Child Protection Services for beating the kids. Her Dad was a Long Haul Trucker who didn’t know anything about the incidents because whenever he was at home the kids weren’t allowed to say anything about it.

So one of her Twin brothers decided to report the Mom to a teacher at school. The school called the Child Protection Services and the truth came out.

As Sarah MacFaith is not a Canadian Citizen the family is forced to leave the Country upon th 25th of February 2016. Wher to go from Canada? Don’t know yet 🙂 Maybe right in your neighborhood.

SOURCE: Official Bio