Anybody is an independent alternative rock/pop artist, who writes, records, produces and releases music from his couch at home. Musically Anybody draws inspiration from the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, the Doors, David Bowie, Nirvana, REM, Stereophonics, the Posies, the Go-Betweens, Soundgarden, and The Smashing Pumpkins. “My passion for music started at age six when I pretty much drove my mom insane by playing the same Elvis record every single day. Elvis’ music made me want to learn how to play the guitar.”

If labels are required, Anybody’s sound can be described as arty and bluesy alternative rock, covering the range from acoustic folk to jangle pop to loud and distorted grunge. Anybody makes drastic shifts in style between projects and shuns the idea of becoming a musical formula. The result of his songwriting is always more or less a blend of styles and the loudness of the music all depends on mood and artistic concept. Lyrically, Anybody switches back and forth between the sentimental and sarcastic and the gullible and gloomy, but regardless of styles and themes, he strives to confront the bare reality of things with his music mostly based on a good deal of introspection.

To date, Anybody has released the alternative post-grunge indie rock revisionist album ‘XIII’ (2013), the postmodern acoustic troubadour concept album ‘Driftwood’ (2015) and the loud and grungy set of 2 EP’s ‘The Love/Hate Ratio’ and The Love/Hate Ratio 2 (2018). The upcoming album is somewhat ironically called ‘Scratching the Surface’ and is due for release on 8 April. Scratching the Surface is an album rich with introspective acoustic/electric jangle-pop not entirely free of guitar gymnastics.

SOURCE: Official Bio