Shimmer is one of the most versatile artists you will ever meet. You can give her a song you wrote with no lyrics and no words and no thought and she can give you back a “Great” song by the time 1 hour passes. Shimmer is very talented. She puts her entire soul into her work. Her lyrics melody and harmonies are both haunting and are able to connect with people.

Shimmer is going to be releasing an independent album in 2017. A major label is going to love this new album. Shimmer has what it takes!

Shimmer plays some piano and writes some of her songs including hit single “PRIDE” written by Shimmer Johnson & C.Johnson the co – writer helped to write the instrumentation that went along with Shimmer’s piano line that she created. This is how Shimmer and C.Johnson work. They melt together in song.

Shimmer is a talented artist that the world needs to hear.

SOURCE: Official Bio