Small Axe emerged from the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania in 1977. George Wesley, Don Rogers, and Tom Evans all grew up within five miles of each other while Chris Dellecave hailed from the city of Scranton. Wesley, who cut his teeth as an underaged bass player behind his dad in country bars, had just recently been smitten, but not yet totally overtaken, by the likes of Bob Marley.

Rogers was a blues hound influenced by Clapton, Hendrix, and Bloomfield. Evans loved The Band and Bruce, Jack that is. Dellecave had a wide-ranging background, and as can be heard, is very precise and incredibly steady. These guys just showed up, played, and played hard. Somehow they came to the attention of George Graham, music director at WVIA Radio in Pittston Pa. On 1/30/78 the album “Helpin’ Hand” was born.

In a live, one take radio show, Small Axe appeared on the Home Grown Music Hour and the rest, as they say, is history. On this, you will catch an early glimpse of the amazing voice of George Wesley, who also plays a great guitar, backed by Don Rogers on guitar, Tom Evans on Bass, and Chris Dellecave on Drums. Now, just go ahead and listen.

SOURCE: Official Bio