93300-Snir_Snir Yamin started his music career in 2006, after losing his father in a car accident. Together with his high-school band, they first performed in front of a club in the city of Netanya. Back in 2006, the club, named “Muza,” was one of the biggest clubs in the Central District of Israel. Snir and the band decided to break up after a year of work.

In 2009, after 3 years of writing and composing, Snir was invited to take part in a big production in Israel. It was an Acoustic Night Showcase at the biggest Rock venue in Israel â€? The Barby Club. Snir performed as a headliner together with three bands. In the same year, Snir has signed a collaboration contract with the biggest cellular company in Israel, Cellcom. The collaboration allowed the cellular company to distribute and use for commercial and promotional contents Snir Yamin’s first single, Yofi Shel Sheket.

In 2010, Snir Yamin has started to perform his own original acoustic songs. In the same year, Yamin’s released two singles, produced by Reuven Hayun. Those singles were played on Israeli Radio Stations and TV programs such as Reshet Gimel, Kol Israel, Galatz and 88 FM. They were also reviewed in Israeli music magazines, online and in prints. Later that year, Snir was invited by NMC Entertainment company to take part in a charity benefit concert at the Barok venue in the city of Be’er Sheva, together with other artists such as Hadag Nachash, Efrat Gosh, Dudu Tassa (Big names in the Israeli music industry), Israeli Idol winners and Dana Lapidot. It was one of the biggest charity events in Israel in front of 6,000 people.

In 2011, Snir Yamin’s got his first recording contract from an England producer who lives and works in London. Snir traveled with the production crew to London for two months for the purpose of tracking his first extended play (EP). The recording process took place at the prestigious SNAP! Studios. The EP was released in February 2014 with Nana Disc Music Label in Israel. The same year, Snir Yamin took part in the biggest yearly event of Israel Independence Day, called Rock Atzmaut. It was a two million dollar investment with the top Rock artists and musician in Israel.

In 2013, Snir traveled to New York for the purpose of cutting a master to his first EP. On that trip, Snir got into a recording studio in the East Village of Manhattan, called The Cutting Room. After tracking a few tracks over two-month period, the studio and label manager arranged with Snir a recording deal for three years. In meantime, Snir released a 4-track EP for international audience called Urban Stories, which received lots of attention from the media in a ways of reviews, features, interviews, sells and ratings. The EP was released in September 2013, with the assistance of NYC based publicity company named Effective Immediately PR and Nana Disc Music Label in Israel.

Urban Stories EP, scored number one on Album Of The Year Users Picks Chart for the best album of 2013.

SOURCE: Official Bio