Son of Stone (SoS) shares the depth of his heart and delivers heart honest Seattle rock version 2.0 as a way to get back in life again, fueled but scared by broken relationships, working too much and personal tragedies. SoS is a “silicon valley tech guy” (worked at/with ex Microsoft, Nokia, Apple, Google, Amazon etc.) that has been part of making many products and features that billions of people use every day in their phone, computer, headphones etc. The story behind the name “Son of Stone” is that SoS dad is named Stone.

When SoS left Microsoft +2 years ago, SoS wrote and released a music video called “Seattle” as a tribute to Microsoft and Seattle, a place that’s very dear to his heart due to tech but also to the rock music he grew up with from there (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters). There were many articles written about SoS leaving Microsoft due to SoS having been part of many groundbreaking products/features at Microsoft and also Nokia (imaging/camera among other things).

-“A Microsoft program manager who is leaving the company for a new job didn’t just update his LinkedIn profile on Thursday, he wrote and performed a song and released a music video to pay tribute to the region he had come to love.” Kurt Schlosser, Geekwire

Now two years later SoS released the album “Live a life worth dying for” and “Seattle” is one of the tracks. The name of the album is from the motto that SoS is living by and the songs are very personal and deals with subjects close to SoS such as; broken relationships, working too much, personal losses, but most of all the songs are about the will to get back up again when life knocked you down. The song “Find what you love and let it kill you” is dealing with letting your (work) passion consume you so much that you’re burning yourself out and “Things in life” has the message to focus and love what you have right now, since you don’t know if it lasts. The song Change request takes the SW development “scrum term” (Change request) and applies it in life. SoS is also using the Scrums “Sprint” release strategy with a new song release every week,

”Releasing music every second or third year is part of the old way of how music was done. I’m releasing a new song every week inspired how Sprints work in software development using Scrum. This gives the listeners new great small things all the time”
(Son of Stone, July-05-2020)

During Covid 17 lockdown SoS has released a second album “Back from the dead” (just three month after his first album) and it celebrates life. SoS third album “From dark to light” will debut on the 10th of July and the first single from the album is a song called “Silicon Valley” and is a celebration song to the greatest place on “tech earth”.

-“I wrote “Silicon Valley as a celebration to the tech industry that has given so much to me, I wanted to capture the energy and creative fire that burns there and in my heart” (Son of Stone, July-05-2020)

SOURCE: Official Bio