1. Lost in the Fog Sonny Brazil 4:56

27 Year Old Sonny Brazil is a class act. Entrenched in the world of old folk song from the British Isles and the stories within, he lives on a boat, doesn’t have WIFI and embodies the true essence a folk musician. Equally at home performing his own compositions or arranging versions of lost and forgotten folk song, Sonny’s pure voice and immaculately meditative guitar performances are set to stun.

Originally written by Brazil for a theatre show, ‘Lost in the Fog’ is an attempt to personify the Great Plague of 1666 as a hooded and ominous figure travelling down the River Thames;

I wrote this song in 2017 but since then it’s developed a number of new meanings for me…I think about it sometimes when I’m staring into the oily black canal water next to my boat at night. The way the tune repeats itself is an homage to folk ballads,but the lyrics are much more ambiguous than traditional sets, and the story is purposefully vague. It’s the only song I’ve ever written that I like.

Sonny Brazil

‘Lost in the Fog’ is the second single to be taken from upcoming EP ‘Darker Seasons’ scheduled for release on 2nd March 2022. The EP showcases Sonny’s brilliance in the rt of storytelling via Folk song from in and around the British Isles.

Sonny Brazil was born and raised in South East London, England, and now dwells wherever he is allowed to moor his narrowboat. After learning how to play an array of folk instruments from his Dad, he also ingested the music that inspired him to write and play in the homestead. Influences include Nic Jones, Leveret, Martin Simpson, Peter Bellamy and A.L. Lloyd. After writing some music for theatre in and around London and Brighton, Sonny now works on his own arrangements of lost and forgotten Folk songs from the British Isles which he records and produces himself, as well as writing his own songs

SOURCE: Official Bio