The 5 piece alt/indie outfit Springfield has released their strongest single to date “Liquorice” on March 6th . Recorded with production duo Sugar House, St.Helens and mastered by Fluid mastering, London. The band’s previous two singles have acquired 90,000 organic streams between them on Spotify alone. With your help on promotion and a review, this release would appeal to new audiences, keep the band’s fan base growing and ultimately be their most successful single to date.

“Liquorice” is an addictive alternative – indie, with a catchy hook, a wall of synthesizers and a fast tempo, the track is filled to the brim with energy. The lyrics cleverly tell a tale of wanting someone you can no longer have, “addicted to your touch, I’m about to overdose” explains too much of anything you love can be dangerous, where “Everything I once loved has now turned to dust” shines a light on the bleak reality that nothing lasts forever.

SOURCE: Official Bio