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Starrgazy is the musical partnership of vocalist Lucie Hill and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Wesley Morgan, based in Cornwall, UK.

Having briefly crossed musical paths in 2015, Lucie and Benjamin discovered a shared love for the ethereal sounds of dreampop and post-punk. However, their schedules conspired against them and the pair continued on their respective musical journeys for the next 5 years, both knowing that their paths would cross again at a more auspicious time.

Fast forward to 2020 and the duo reconnected during a period of lockdown. A tentative song idea, sent via email as an ice-breaker, snowballed into a prolific period of remote-writing, and Starrgazy was born.

Starrgazy have developed a distinctive sound, taking inspiration from a wide range of sources: the timeless dreampop of Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins; Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks soundtrack; the brittle tonality of post-punk and new-wave; and the musical haze of shoegaze.

About ‘Flying’

Flying is the debut single from the UK based indie-dreampop duo Starrgazy, released via their own label Starrgazy Records.

Accompanied by a video shot by Jamie Harding (IDLES, Fenne Lily), Flying features the dreamy vocals of Lucie Hill floating above a bed of seasick guitars and shards of crystalline synth, evoking the ethereal landscapes of the duo’s native West Cornwall.

“Dream imagery plays a large part in Flying” explains vocalist Lucie Hill. “The lyrics describe how we end up focusing on an outcome or goal, but the journey is often more important – and stranger – than the final destination. Our perceptions of reality are skewed not just in our dreams, but also during our lucid hours”.

Written and recorded between lockdowns near the end of 2020, Flying refracts the weirdness of the time through a prism of woozy, unsteady guitar parts that give way to a harmony-laden chorus. “A friend of ours heard the demo of Flying and described it as sounding like ‘Fleetwood Mac if they’d grown up in Twin Peaks and become addicted to codeine rather than cocaine’ ” adds multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Morgan. “I guess 2020 did strange things to all of us”.

Prior to release, Flying was named Track Of The Week by BBC Introducing South West.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Lucie Hill