State Line Syndicate
State Line Syndicate

Meet State Line Syndicate – an atomic-blast of energy packed into a three-piece band with music rooted hard in the vibrant sounds of the power-pop /rock & punk genres. The current line-up creating their electric-vibe includes Makeshift Mike (Guitars, Vocals), Mikey Virgin (Drums) and Joe E (Bass, Backing Vocals); each armed with a determination to make their music career last a lifetime…

Since the official formation of State Line Syndicate in 2013, this band has continued to electrify audiences and have the crowd chanting their songs enthusiastically back to the stage. With a massively-catchy songwriting style that blends the sum of their influences like Green Day, Weezer and early Blink-182 into their own unique and explosively energetic sound – they’ve ensured one-hundred percent quality in every note and tone by keeping State Line Syndicate a unified three-piece. That focus on musical-excellence and breaking new, exciting ground within the scene has spread like wildfire – their Facebook page is already bursting at the seams with well-over 2000 fans joining in well-under two-year’s time!

As this Los Angeles, California-based-three continue to refine their latest tracks from the live-stage and continue writing and recording their upcoming album, their legion of supportive fans will certainly grow alongside them. Each player involved in State Line Syndicate has grown up on the magic of music and its incredible power to connect people and drive them to new, creative and completely inspirational levels; now taking hold of their own moment in time, these three are ready to push all the boundaries and limits of their own creativity and inspire the people through their music.

Between each member, Makeshift Mike, Mikey Virgin and Joe E have nearly a lifetime of experience amassed through their personal music histories and experience playing in other bands. Bringing the ultimate-best of their skillsets with them, each of these players found an immediate comfort and a true home, fully-able to represent themselves and their own musical point of view through State Line Syndicate. With a steady-focus on melody and tightly-written, energetic & memorable songs, their ability to connect to any audience from any stage is a large nod to the genuine authenticity found in both their personalities and their music alike.

No gimmicks and no pretense – State Line Syndicate are living proof that the people & true-music-fans out there want real-music made by real-people with real-instruments. With their online catalog of songs already firing-up to the top of independent charts from all corners of the internet – there’s no doubt whatsoever that their music has already begun to find an incredibly supportive audience from listeners all over the globe.

And with their dedication & hard-work, their creativity & melody, and their on-going fury of electrifying live performances – State Line Syndicate are ready to lead the way and inspire a new generation of music-fans with their innovative & captivating style designed for repeated-listens at maximum volume.

Look for their own DYI debut album “Go Back to the 90’s” out 4/1/15 recorded at The Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collions, CO.