Born Steven Phillip Duncan,I am a multi-talented artist. I started with drumming around 4 not on an actual drum set though just taping with drum sticks on beds. Later on, I got into the guitar about 9. Next was dancing at 12. This started when I saw the “Beat it” video. I was pretty good at that. I performed it on stage with a few classmates in school in my 6th-grade talent show and got a standing ovation.

Next was Keyboard, Singing, and Songwriting. I wasn’t bad at singing and Songwriting but I needed a lot of work with the keyboard. At this point I’m good at everything I do also and always did kinda had a sense of artistic direction. That’s because I was always inspired by interpretive music.

I would have to say I’m a passionate artist. I don’t really read notes well but I play by ear well. And I’m Great at producing.I’m just and all around great musician. I play in the key of C.

SOURCE: Official Bio