The glistening sound of avant-garde youth; Manchester’s Sugarstone are ready to take off. Whilst still dipping their toes in the water, the young band are donning the well-polished sound of modern new wave rock alongside fellow prospectors 45ACIDBABIES and Calva Louise, but stage-side have become renowned for packing a punch whilst sharing stages in the company of rock heavyweights Kid Kapichi and punk-electro giants Strange Bones.

Forged from the ginnels of the north, their earworm ‘I Wanna Be Famous’ is an open-ended self-reflection founded on the lyricism of vanity and dangers of fame – a showcase of Sugarstone’s lingering synth-guitar duels and double-vocal melodies alongside their prequel singles that leave you yearning for more. Their Latest Release Tiger, Reach Out! is wildly different from Sugarstone’s other two released singles. “This song is full of beautiful surprises throughout and will no doubt have you boogying in your living room late into the night.”- Independent Music Reviews.

In the forthcoming year, Sugarstone hopes to test their wings once more: they have a catalog of material at the ready and await valuable studio time to make further headway; unfolding their true sound for all to see.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Joe O’Haire – Lead Vocals, Guitar
George Miller – Vocals, Guitar
Brandon Calvert – Bass Guitar
Ben Wilson – Drums, Percussion