The original idea of Sundown Delay was to create a final platform (since his former band dissolved) from where Svante Widerström could throw the 10 songs he writes every year into the great nothingness. A one-man band would not only have non-exist issues with drop out members. It would also mean total creative control. But it would also mean no fun. So when old friend Nanne Westerholm offered his service from behind the drums Svante, of course, was happy. Together they recorded “Catching Up With The Future” 2015. But as a duo, they weren’t able to play live. To be considered as a band they needed at least a bass-player.

They found the missing piece in Björn Ericsson and recorded the mini-LP “Rubik’s Cube Is Fighting Back” which was released in April 2016. The record was critically acclaimed but since drummer Nanne Westerholm left the band in June same year there wasn’t too much action.

The replacement was called Tobias Wiik and after playing a few gigs they started to work on new music. The new full-length album “Awaiting The Death Of Rock-n-roll” was released in December 2017.

SOURCE: Official Bio