Tango with Lions was officially formed in 2007 by Kat (Katerina Papachristou), a young musician who as bassist and singer has collaborated with many English speaking bands of the Greek indie/alternative scene. They began as a changing collective of musicians and by now they have grown to be a band with a stable line-up.

Their debut album, “Verba Time”, released in 2010, has received enthusiastic reviews while the song “In A Bar” has broken a record of views on youtube. It was followed by their sophomore album, “A Long Walk” which was released in spring 2013. Their new long-awaited album is called “The Light” and will be out in January 2018.

Tango With Lions are:
Katerina Papachristou – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Nikos Vergetis – drums, percussion Jim Staridas – wind instruments
Thodoris Zefkilis – bass
Dennis Morfis – electric guitar
Maria Sachpasidi – keyboards, backing vocals

SOURCE: Official Bio