jackfrostTemporary Hero is an artist from the Northeast region of the USA who transcends labels, creating art in both musical and visual media, inspired by past, present, and future concepts.

Temporary Hero’s first full length album was released in the UK and US this summer and featured the single Circus, a contemporary R&B number with a soaring vocal. As we approach the festive season, the latest creation from the Anticodon melting pot is the new Little Jack Frost Get Lost EP

The project started about 4 years ago when Temporary Hero started writing and producing music. A fan of Sinatra, Bing, Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughan, etc since he was a kid… and specifically an old Sinatra album from his Columbia years that his grandfather had as an original on vinyl. With that as a blue print, he started arranging the songs in a very different style and recorded demos. As Temporary Hero grew and evolved as a songwriter and producer, revisting tunes, keeping much of the original arrangements and productions intact but added (on some of the tracks) some acoustic elements (Flute, Mandolin, etc.)… so it became a true crossroads of electro-organic music.

Maybe it’s not for the purists, but hey…it’s Christmas! Additionally, however, for a new artist to take such a left turn on his second album (after releasing the pop/urban/dance debut SUNSET PEOPLE) was probably more of a risk.

With this project in the can Temporary Hero jumped right into a follow-up: a tribute to Chet Baker (www.chetbaker.rocks) that further refined his production/writing skills and has since been sanctioned by the Chet Baker Foundation!

Available on iTunes/Apple Music/Spotify, etc.