The question that you should be asking is “Who are tha third i” since its a hip hop group formed by Guidry (rapper) and Ettikit(DJ/producer). Now a little brief history about them, Ettikit was actually born Missouri while guilty grew up in the streets of Inglewood in Los Angeles.

In the earlier years of 2010’s they were both attending an audio engineering class in Hollywood and just like @Djpremier moved to New York and met his Guru Ettikit met Guidry and discovered they had a lot in common and decided to link up and record a mixtape together under the group name Collective Consciousness but it was never released.. Then they decided to take time and understand their chemistry together while improving their own crafts till the year 2017 where they re-emerged as the current west coast group that we came to know as @thathirdI releasing their first project.

Style of Music

Influenced by legends like a tribe called quest, de la soul and e.t.c their kind of music is basically categorized as hip hop soul with elements of lo-fi melodies and indie raps all cooked into one pot.

SOURCE: Official Bio