The 69 Watts

The 69 Watts

The 69Watts are what is next on the menu, and someone definitely saved the best for last. Lets forget about the lack of crowd, this performance can be considered a ‘’posh praccy’’ for this three piece. It probably was. But that didn’t stop them ripping the stage up, and lashing it out. Let’s go back to the summer of love and the end of the chemical soaked sixties. Hendrix and his band the Jimi Hendrix Experience were riding the crest of this envious maelstrom of youthful uprising and technological advancements. His technique and songwriting abilities were one in a generation standard and he was literally taking the western world by storm. Sadly, this was to be short lived as we all know what happened on that fateful September day in 1970.

Fast track back to the Lomax and the present, and witness The 69Watts. John Dean (vocalist and guitarist) is like an incarnation of Hendrix. His guitar playing is sublime, like a vintage fine wine that should only be opened on those very special occasions. Effortlessly, he takes us on a journey of early electric blues to the modern. The band (bass and drums) back him up perfectly and it is clear that musicianship is high on the agenda for them. Like a British White Denim, The 69Watts are THE blues band to go and see in Liverpool. Hopefully with a few more punters to spread the word as it was down to five people as their set thundered towards its end. The only downside to an amazing set by a hugely talented band. Nine ‘’jukejoints’’ out of ten!



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