The Almost Faithful is a Seattle-based art-rock quartet featuring lead vocalist David Marshall, guitarist-songwriter John Feodorov, bass guitarist Hal Deranek, and drummer-percussionist James Lord.

Informed by Art Rock, Prog and Psychedelic Rock, The Almost Faithful weaves together thought-provoking and often mordant songs with staccato guitar riffs, intense bass lines, and dynamic drumming topped off with David’s virtuosic vocals. Their songs are a confluence of divergent influences and styles; simultaneously introspective and intense, with lyrics maneuvering between pensive reflection and biting social critique.

Besides the Navajo songs his mother taught him as a child, John Feodorov also grew up to the sounds of Johnny Cash, Jimmie Rodgers and Hee Haw, which he watched religiously every Sunday night. But he was also inspired by bands such as The Who, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, and has been writing and performing his own songs in various bands ever since.

Feodorov formed The Almost Faithful in 2015. Initially, the goal was to put together a band to play moody Eno-influenced music at galleries, museum openings and performing arts festivals. The band has gone through various incarnations since then, with David taking over lead vocal duties in 2018. The current line-up infuses John’s philosophically-tinged songs with a much harder rock edge.

Previously, the NW Music Scene blog wrote that The Almost Faithful’s debut EP “…takes you on a journey that is at times progressive, often alluring, into a dreamscape of sounds that is touched by the grit of grunge.” Stephen Graham at KNDD radio described the band’s first single, “My Soul Is Saving Me”, as sounding, “straight out of a Quentin Tarantino film.”

Songs on their new EP, To Any God That Hears, address themes of anxiety, doubts and loss, influenced by recent events. The three songs making up the EP were recorded and mixed remotely during quarantine.

SOURCE: Official Bio