The Blue Hour’s latest album, “One More Mystery,” blends dream pop, synth wave, and industrial with hints of psychedelia, folk, and electronica to create hauntingly beautiful songs.

The Blue Hour was born of glamor and squalor. Sleeping in abandoned buildings and dancing the nights away in Seattle’s new wave clubs, co-singers Brian and Marselle discovered worlds of texture and rhythm and beautiful discord … and most of all magic.

“Following the pulse and thrum to clubland once again.
Of neon words from poets past.
The beat drove us on to the edge of wild dreams,
But nightlife breathes us in again.”
–Fire on Rooftops

Originally founded by multi-instrumentalist Brian Hodges, formerly the keyboardist for Seattle’s psychedelic goth band Black Atmosphere, the Blue Hour released three critically acclaimed albums of “romantic neofolk” for the European independent labels, Perun and Big Blue, and appeared on several compilations between 2000 and 2004.

Over the years, Brian and the Blue Hour have played with much seminal goth, new wave, and neofolk acts, including Gitane Demone, Unto Ashes, Sol Invictus, In Gowan Ring, Sex Gang Children, and the Church.

“Many fragile and lunar emotions flow from the music, always on the razor’s edge, on the verge of going under at any moment, but that keep a proud and vengeful poise.”
–Heimdallr Magazine

SOURCE: Official Bio