The Broader Sound is the moniker of songwriter and musician Scott Melnick. As a teen growing up in Pennsylvania, Melnick absorbed a variety of music – everything from Led Zeppelin to Nirvana and the Gin Blossoms.

His music is informed by his personal experiences as well as his verve for raw rock and roll. Songs like the more pop-oriented tracks, “Shake Me,” and the self-titled track, “Broader Sound,” stands in wonderful contrast to the harder and darker sounds of tracks like “Tell Ya What I Remember” and “Fake News,” a commentary on the surreal world of non-facts permeating the culture and civil discourse

Now with his debut out, TBS is off and running looking at 2019 to be a landmark year for this latest incarnation of Melnick’s musical persona and built out of the ashes of his former band, Tripping Velvet.

SOURCE: Official Bio