1. Starting Again The JB Conspiracy 3:11

The JB Conspiracy is a rock-ska-punk London based outfit, formed in its current state in 2007 (though the band were born out of the Ska-punk legends Duff Muffin who formed back in 1999). Having toured and performed their fun and energetic shows all over the UK multiple times and hit up most european punk festivals in their long history, the band are back with their third full length album, and their first in 8 years. The 8-piece band are completed by Matt “Lank” Carson (Guitar/Vox), James “My” Mayhew (Bass), Bob Barrett (Drums), Joe “JoeFrend” Frend (Sax/Backing vox), Rikk Richardson (Keys/Backing Vox) Sam Irwin (Trumpet/Backing vox), Dr. Gareth James (Baritone Sax), Robin “Bobble” Smith (Trombone)

The new LP “Beginnings” will be dropping in full on 24th June 2021, available digitally and on three different vinyl colour variants via Banquet Records and Bandcamp. The 14 track full length hosts the complete soundscape the band have shown on previous releases with the ferocity of their punk rock guitars, the joyous horn sections, jazz overtones, chilled out reggae sound and their legendary ska get-up. This is their follow up to their 2nd album, ‘The Storm’, released back in 2013, and while you can hear there is a lot of growth and additional aggression in this record that hints the band have revisited a sound from their earlier offering ‘This Machine’ which came out in 2007.

‘Beginnings’, is showing the band very much in their prime with the sound captured in the studio over several months with producer and engineer James Bragg. As Matt recalls on the sessions: “We recorded this during the first round of recording sessions with James Bragg down at Middle Farm Studios in Devon. Due to the pandemic, the recording of the album was pretty heavily interrupted and there was a substantial gap between the two sessions. I don’t think we really intended it but it turns out we structured the album accordingly with the first half being the early recordings, and the second the later. But I have great memories of both sessions. There’s nothing like disappearing into the countryside for a week and focusing purely on music with your friends”

The JB Conspiracy will be back on the road when safe to do so but do have a couple of local shows already in the pipeline, but the band are eager to get out there, Matt explains: “We’re really looking forward to getting back out there once restrictions ease, I don’t think I’ve ever missed touring so much. We’re kicking things off with the Signature Brew show in June and I think it’s going to be the perfect way to get back to doing what we love”

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Liam Simmons.