100054-The_Maier_project_4Hans, the man behind The Maier Project, has released 10 albums since 2006. Starting with instrumental music (three full albums and one EP, only available on the band´s homepage), they changed to songs with lyrics in 2009. The first commercially available cd “Dragons” (2011) contained the promoted song “Rush Hour” which entered independent U.S. charts.

In 2012, “States Of Aggregation ” appeared with the beautiful “Crimson Secret”, the brilliant “Not The Devil”, and “Unhealthy Addiction” with its acclaimed video clip. In 2013, the Project released “Crossroads” which was conceived less commercially with some excursions to folk metal-like songs.

The recent release “Paris” came to the world in 2015 and is up to date the commercially most successful album of the band.

SOURCE: Official Bio