68826-CoverThe Mourning Sickness, progressive power-trio from Denver, Colorado, has been gigging extensively for the last seventeen years, and has been completely ignored by both the local media and the underground scene: The invisible band.

Playing music that must seem confusing to the management and patrons of clubs and theaters around the world, The Mourning Sickness continues to be forgotten. Nonetheless, it refuses to die.

No provocateur of music wants to hear the same old tired piles of cliché. Trend watchers and teenage wannabes aside, The Mourning Sickness will continue to venture forth, pushing the boundaries back, despite the overwhelming evidence that no-one is listening.

Sisyphus the king was condemned throughout eternity to push a rock up a hill, only to see it fall back to earth before reaching his goal. He had no choice.

We do have a choice. And it is in the futility of music that The Mourning Sickness revel.