92757-The_Papers_1Influenced by The Clash, The Police and Bob Marley, The Papers are a band from the Uk with a lot of history. Irish twin brothers Mike and John Fitzsimons lead the band on vocals and guitar/ bass, while expert “hit man” Londoner Norman Marsh provides the thunder on the drums. Rob Bright is on lead guitar and Dexy D’Angelo, horn player with many two tone bands, punctuates the sound with melodic trumpet. It’s a fab noise, combining pop, rock and reggae.

The Caribbean influence spills into the music, especially on the new single “Live your Dreams”, now racking up thousands of hits on your tube.. Barrack Obama himself leads us into the track with an extract from his acceptance speech in 2008. “It doesn’t matter who you are …… you can make it if you are willing to try”. The sentiment is unashamedly the American Dream and the band eulogise the movement for civil rights that brought Obama to Power: A celebration of a remarkable achievement.

But this is not the first time the band have released a single with an US president taking up the lead role. Their first single, “How Many More” featured Ronald Reagan. Heading up the indie charts the single got them national and international radio airplay. They have released two studio albums and a live album , recorded as they headlined the huge tree festivals in 1984.

With a wealth of experience, the band are a tight unit. They have played all the major clubs in London and supported Osibisa, Jimmy Page, Supertramp, Fairport Convention, Dr John and many other artists. Dexy D’angelo is well know as a part of the Midnight Runner horn section.

New material for the next album is on the way. Cowgirl kiss is a new take on ancient wisdom, combining country and reggae, and “the rhythm of life” celebrates cooperation and peaceful co-existence. Yes, its good news but it’s the truth – this is how life really is. Their songs reflect a concern with human rights, fairness and equality.

The band:
John Fitzsimons: Lead Vocals rhythm guitar
Mike (Harry) Fitzsimons: Bass and vocals
Norman Marsh: Drums
Dexy D Angelo: Trumpet
Rob Bright: Lead Guitar