93544-DefaiteThe Quiet Cull is a rock quartet based out of Anchorage, AK. Fashioned from roots like Thrice, Brand New, and Sparta, the sonic territory they cover is certainly dynamic. With a range of hard and heavy, to mellow, somber and slow, TQC is surely described as contemplative and introspective.

The band started as the brain child of founding member, Todd Farnsworth, who wrote and recorded the bands first full length, before the bands official formation. Growing up in a small town, Farnsworth tried forming the band much earlier, but could never get members to commit. So after many fruitless rehearsals, he decided to hunker down and write the rest of his ideas. Relying on his knowledge and skill from playing percussion in middle and high school, and also from playing guitar for several years, he tracked what is now “Allegories In Rhythm”. He now says, “I never imagined a band I would be in to start with a full record, before ever filling out the band. It was out of necessity, but I am so glad to have a full band for future writing. It’s so much better having a group of musicians to bounce ideas off of, rather than one guy who just dabbles on instruments. It’s very one-dimensional.”

After their debut LP release, Allegories In Rhythm (April 2013), the band quickly went to work on their follow up EP, What We Left Behind, (July 2014). During the summer of 2015, the band took a tour of the Pacific Northwest. Afterward, they settled down to start recording their next full length record.

This Cold, Rational World marks the bands third release, and second full length record. It was just released in November of this year.

The new album sets a different pace from the bands previous releases. With half a member change over, the band has finally settled into it’s skin. This Cold, Rational World is the title track, and intro, which sets the brooding mood for the whole album. Songs like Defaite, The Widow and To The Depths show how the band is equally adept loud and distorted as it is quiet and clean. The whole record has an energy the doesn’t give out, even through the ebb and flow of the tracks. Also of note is the change in instrumentation. Songs like Steadfast and When You’re Going Through Hell show how some songs need time and space to unfold; that the chorus is not the only important part of song. However, not unlike their old material, the lyrics remain personally identifiable, emotional and intimate, posing questions for the listener to answer.

Says Rob Daily, of Daily Unsigned Radio, “The Quiet Cull is an alt/rock band who has captured the essence of modern and active rock radio…great melody lines and huge choruses.”

Chrisroq, of Nuroq FM Radio, calls The Quiet Cull “One of Alaska’s best kept secrets… They must not have FM in Alaska, or these kids would be dominating it!”

The Quiet Cull is:

  • Todd Farnsworth – Vocals/Guitar
  • Josh Byrd – Guitar
  • Nick Vasquez – Drums/Percussion
  • Mark Farnsworth – Bass Guitar/Vocals

SOURCE: Official Bio