I’m Roberto Fabbro, a guitarist and bass player, I started playing in the early 90’s influenced by Blues, Pop, Rock, Punk, Metal, Grunge and Glam Rock.
In the mid-90s, attending nightclubs, I contaminated my Rock-Blues roots with Electronic music.

In the 2000s I played with various bands from the Pop genre, to Grunge-Metal up to the Rock-Blues, I participated in various selections and contests, as well as in many live shows, and I had my first experiences in the recording studio.

At the beginning of 2010, thanks to home-recording technology, I was able to produce music totally on my own, from the choice of sounds to the arrangement, to the mixing, and to the mastering. In this period I made over 30 tracks.

Then in 2013 the turning point, the meeting with Gabriele Saro, who proposed me to give life to the project by the name: The RobAnd.
The project consists of creating high-quality music with the most diverse influences.

Thanks to its fame with various publishers in the U.S.A. we are inserted in overseas music libraries, where film giants draw songs to be included in films, TV series, advertising, video games.

From 2013 to today we have created more than 100 tracks that can enhance and harmonize with the most diverse visual productions at the service of Photographers, Videomakers, Companies, Televisions.

After a musical production experience in different genres, Gabriele and I are interested in listening to musicians with quality tracks, and eventually working on a remake of the listened to be able to bring them to the attention of the Global Networks.

SOURCE: Official Bio