1. Shower Your Love The Shameless 5:22

Blood red, baroque, luxurious, a charming spell, so it’s the sound of The Shameless, born in October 2016 in Ragusa, deep South of Sicily. In spite of their Mediterranean origin, their sound is akin to the elegance of Jack, Tindersticks, Walkabouts, not forgetting Nick Cave’s ballads, with lush orchestration and a neat songwriting, kidnapping the audience into a world of burning candles, black velvet, piano’s dissonant chords.

The five members musical background ranges from No Wave to Shoegaze, and all of them had previous experiences with other bands, like Charme and Crackers. This graces The Shameless with a distinctive balance between the chamber pop élan and darkwave composure.

“Blossoms”, The Shameless first album, was released in May 2018, receiving positive feedbacks from Italian press and radio.

With a new album – titled “Love Condemnation” – ready to be released in Autumn 2021, The Shameless are back on April 09th with the ace single “Shower Your Love”, a precious, intense song in which obscure guitars meet piano arpeggios and a lashing vocal interpretation. The video, shot in the exclusive location of a decadent sicilian vintage shop, highlights the powerful impact of a band ripe for an international following.

SOURCE: Official Bio