Golden Youth is the fourth album for The Softone, and is for sure the more similar to his first album “These Days Are Blue”, released back in 2008, that was mixed by Adam Selzer (Norfolk & Western) at Type Foundry Studio in Portland.

As completing a circle Giovanni Vicinanza, the man behind the project, found shelter and inspiration in chamber pop compositions, with improved songwriting and sophisticated arrangements, involving strings and sax.

Golden Youth is an intimate and deeply felt collection of songs, born out of loss and birth, out of sadness and joy. Music as a private space, to elaborate and transform life’s turmoil into beauty, standing between the sea and the shade of Napoli’s vulcano Vesuvio, that overlooks Giovanni’s Lavalab Recording Studio.

At the end of the songwriting process, Vicinanza moved to Milwaukee, in the States, to give the final touches and mix the tracks. Golden Youth is an album featuring the pop elegance of modern classic composers as Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) and Richard Hawley, the dark spirituality of Matt Johnson’s The The, but also dreamy arrangements reminiscent of 70’s works of Jean Michel Jarre.

SOURCE: Official Bio