It was anything but easy, but the Squatches return with new music after three years, with the release of their fourth full-length album, These Are All Just Skeletons, due out May 11th. It’s a hard-hitting rock record with something for everyone. The first song from the ten-track album, “Only One Here”, is available now.

“After releasing a lengthy and deep record like To Remain I felt that we needed to make something much more direct and immediate. This album feels like it answers the call from people tending toward real, personal and non-assembly-line music,” explains Dave Dangerfield of the approach behind These Are All Just Skeletons. “I wanted to write with a focus on simplicity, balanced against an increase in new sounds we are not known for. I felt it was important to keep in mind some of the influences that have always felt a little more hidden in previous works. As a result, the music came out intense, sweeping and sonically captivating in a new way. These Are All Just Skeletons is the most fully realized representation of our intention in music. Considering the amount of physical and mental energy spent creating it, we have accomplished something which has been too long in the making, but worth the trouble.”

After releasing 2015’s To Remain, Dangerfield developed a rare condition which made it impossible for him to play any instruments. He discusses the difficulty of the situation: “I had already started recording this album when all my joints and tendons became inflamed and painful. I got trigger finger which locked up both hands. I lost all my strength, it hurt to walk, a basic human interaction was too strenuous. Anything doctors tried didn’t help. That was a depressing, horrible, dark year.” He was able to turn things around with help from a neighbor, “I thought she was crazy with her suggestions, but I figured it couldn’t work less than anything else I’d tried. It started working very slowly, but eventually, I was able to play the guitar again and everything else followed. Even though I couldn’t play anything, I wrote a lot during this time. This album is filled with the spirit of this hard time and really is a triumphant return in more than one way.”

These Are All Just Skeletons will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. the Squatches can be found at Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

SOURCE: Official Bio