95275-The_Texas_Governor_Goolkasian – notorious for his spectacular work with the early 90’s Cult-Trio The Elevator Drops, Goolkasian, along with bandmates Garvy J (DEVO) & The Man In Orange Suit, created a deranged form of Rock & Roll. Strange onstage – robotic movements – theatrical face paint – expressions that never came close to addressing the audience. The shows were always excellent, you left feeling like you’d stumbled into this bizarre, secret universe. The Elevator Drops inherent songwriting ability (Beautiful Junky – Be a Lemonhead, Elevator To Heaven), spawned a unique and dynamic pop sound which earned the Boston-based trio critical acclaim and opening slots on tour with (Garbage, Pulp, The Rentals, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Damnbuilders).

After recording Pop Bus & People Mover for TimeBomb/Arista Records in 1999 – Goolkasian left in Texas and moved to the east coast marrying/later divorcing iconoclastic author Lisa Carver (Suckdog, Roller Derby).

SOURCE: Official Bio