The Watanabes are an international indie pop band performing and recording in Tokyo. They enjoy drinking banana juice together and are keen students of Ikebana. The band began life in the orange-laden prefecture of Ehime, and named themselves Watanabe in tribute to the warm and friendly people of the region, whilst also alluding to British indie favourites The Smiths. Three years later, they packed up and shifted to Tokyo in search of new inspiration and regular trains.

In February 2011 The Watanabes released their second album ‘You’re Dancing I’m Absorbed’ on Manchester based label BabyBoom Records. Recorded under the wise Glaswegian eye of music producer David Naughton (Belle and Sebastian, Teenage Fan club, Mojave 3) it features guest appearances from American folk pop singer Kate Sikora, and British indie Godfather Nick Duffy of The Lilac Time. Questions, compliments, bras and knickers to