99399-SoV_CoverAfter over 15 years in the underground scene of Clarksville, TN, four indie labels have banded together to form: The Tennessee Butchers. The flagship label, Vi D.O. Entertainment, looks to pull a similar rise to success as other independent labels of recent time. With over 30 albums and mixtapes combined in their back catalog, the newly formed mega group looks to take back the rap market share from the new generation of bubblegum pop music rap artists. Directly aiming for commercialized mainstream music, and setting in action a movement against this army of the LAMESTREAM.

Armed with a tactile, versatile force of ‘Vi-RIETY’, the TN BUTCHERS are fully capable of holding their own against formidable opposition. If one existed. The new album features Asian rapper K7LEETHA, legendary street anthem creator & hustler: Lil Hatchet aka Hatchgotti of Cold Musik Entertainment. The GOD of the City: Antidote aka the Sultan of the South, repping T.R.U.E. Music Group. Tag team duo Mr & Mrs Mugg, Bearded Bros label mate and Backwoodz Recordz resident redneck Kountry Boi, and a sprinkle of G-Man the Irish nomad.

SOURCE: Official Bio