TRIFASE SOUND is very unique in itself, a new way for blues and yes, out of Italy ! It takes courage even to think something like that, They says: We regard music only as an Art form , our aim is to perform a direct “impromptu improvisation” out of the musician’s immediate and spontaneous creation” even the words of their songs are different from any other beeing highly emotional and a mix of several languages.

TRIFASE BLUES BAND an italian alternative band playing their own Blues spanning as well on country and rock folk music . It’s members are the spearhead of an ITALIAN ART’S AVANTGARDE, named Trifase or Blues 3rd phase – The band consists of Mauro Bocchini (vocals, guitar, piano,), Beppe ciaccio (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion, drums), “Luke” Moiana (vocals, guitar , sax , mouth harp), and Trino (vocals, dobro, slide guitar , sitar , hofner bass). Although the band members have claims on certain instruments, the members switch instruments during live shows according to convenience, for they each play a variety of instruments.