From the Montgomery County area of Rockville, Maryland comes an amazing hip-hop artist known on the music scene as Trip Star. His musical Journey is one that began very early in his life. Having a musician as a father inspired him from the very beginning, and at the age of nine he began going to his father’s band rehearsals, where he would write lyrics and rap on the mic. This early initiative that he showed led him to eventually becoming a rapper in his father’s band, 1LUV. Young Trip Star would perform with the band at outdoor events in and around Washington, D.C.

It wasn’t until ninth grade that Trip Star realized he had found his niche in Hip Hop music. During freestyle battles, he often found himself being the life of the cypher. Today, Trip Star has evolved into a songwriter, one who has a way of telling stories with his songs that capture the listener’s attention. He writes about his life experiences and things he knows that other people can relate to or might be going through. Trip Star has a sound and style that’s very versatile, and he considers his sound to be the pulse of a movement.

Over the years he has been inspired by a variety of different genres and artists. As a child he was inspired by adolescent rappers such as Bow Wow and Lil Romeo. More recently Trip Star has found inspiration in artists 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Kanye West, and Bad Boy Records from the 90’s. But throughout his lifetime one musician has inspired him more than any other, and that’s his father. His father was the one that kept music in Trip Star’s face all the time from the very beginning.

Trip Star’s music has been getting radio airplay on streaming stations TMOTTGoGo, WINDCRadio, and GoGoRadioLive, DMV Life Radio and Murderland Radio. Trip Star released his hit single “Last Call” May 31, 2016 and joining the ShockTour this summer. Trip Star is working on his new album “The Switch Up”, which is sure to be a hit.

SOURCE: Official Bio